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have   Clarity
make   Choices
take   Actions

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Group Coaching

Team Coaching

Organization Transformation

In my coaching I focus on helping people maintain clarity, accountability and focus to move towards their most important goals. In every coaching relationship I strive to create trust with my clients and encourage them to stretch, grow, and measure their progress. I believe that as we grow our awareness we can be more intentional about the choices we make. So, as your coach, I look to provide you with a different lens that you can use to explore your vision and possible ways to help improve your effectiveness.

"Roni always helps to re-frame and move forward and she is a direct influence on changing my outlook on the future of my career."

"Stop, pause and reflect really hit home. Choosing to put me first and be mindful has been elusive but seems very obtainable when I make it my choice to do so."

"Roni is a wonderful coach who is gentle, kind,empathetic and sincere which translates to a safe space to discuss issues and work through them which redefines coaching."

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