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About Me

Roni Givati

Executive & Leadership Coach | Organizational Culture Consultant 

In my coaching I focus on helping people maintain clarity, accountability and focus to move towards their most important goals. In every coaching relationship I strive to create trust with my clients and encourage them to stretch, grow, and measure their progress. I believe that as we grow our awareness we can be more intentional about the choices we make. So, as your coach, I look to provide you with a different lens that you can use to explore your vision and possible ways to help improve your effectiveness.

I bring over 20 years of experience as an executive leadership and leadership team coach in large global organizations that span multiple industries including investment banking, technology, automotive and health care. My background is in organizational change, project management and team leadership. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am passionate about helping leaders and teams to build stronger relationships by aligning on values, improving communication, working through conflict and finding ways to be more conscious and intentional about how we work together.

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